Enjoying His Grace

We love the doctrines of grace, which are at the heart of the gospel. God has redeemed us and saved us by His grace, not by our works. This fuels joy and humility in our lives.

Extending His Glory

God created us for His glory. Our mission is to extend His glory by making disciples locally and around the world. Joy in His grace motivates and empowers this mission.

Latest Sermon

Responding to Anguish - Psalm 137
Jun 10, 2018 by Will Webber

2018 Vacation Bible School

June 25th-June 29th (9-12noon)

Get ready to launch into hyperdrive at Time Lab, where we'll discover Jesus from eternity past to eternity future! Did you know Jesus existed before he was born as the baby in the manger? Did you know he was actively involved in creating the universe? And that he existed even before we read about him in Genesis 1:1? Did you know we can find him in the accounts of the Old Testament? Do you know what he did while he was here on earth? Do you know what he is doing right now? At Time Lab, we'll have a blast uncovering the truth about him through his Word! You won't want to miss a nanosecond of the fun. so set your watch and make plans to join us at Time Lab!


Join Us For Worship

We gather for worship on Sunday mornings at 10am. Our church building is located at 7721 North Alpine Road, Loves Park, Illinois 61111. Our music is a blend of historic and contemporary hymns. The preaching of the word is central in our services. So, come prepared to worship our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Core Beliefs

We believe in the power of the Word of God, so we preach the Bible expositionally (Hebrews 4:12-13). We believe in the power of God, so we embrace the doctrines of grace (Jeremiah 32:17). And we believe in the power of the gospel, so we focus on the cross of Christ (Romans 1:16).

Mid-week Ministries

We have various small groups that gather on Friday evenings and Sunday evenings in homes throughout the greater Rockford area. We share and pray and study God's word at these meetings. Our usual practice is to read and study the text of the most recent sermon. We also have a youth Bible study that meets every Wednesday at 6:30 during the school year.

Pastor Steve's Blog Latest Posts

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