God-Centered Worship

At Rock Valley Bible Church, we long for worship that is God-centered. We focus our praise on Him, not on our preferences of worship style. Our focus is also Christ-Centered. We love singing songs that exalt our Savior and focus upon our redemption.

We believe in the power of God's word clearly proclaimed. Therefore, we are committed to expository preaching, that is, preaching that "exposes" the meaning of the text. This usually takes the form of preaching verse by verse through books of the Bible.

In many ways, the greatest way in which we can minister to others is by pleading with the Lord to help in time of need. We gather for prayer every Sunday morning at 9am. Our worship service begins at 10am.

Children's Sermon Notes

We seek to include children in our worship services. Thus, we include notes for the children during our sermons, which coordinate with the message being preached. After the sermon, the preaching pastor will meet with the children and reward them with a treasure.


We provide a nursery for children ages birth through three years old. We also have a "cry room" with a speaker so that parents can still hear the sermon while caring for a child.

Children's Church

Just prior to the weekly sermon, children ages 4-7 are dismissed for a time of age-appropriate Biblical instruction. Our current curriculum is The Gospel Project by Lifeway.

Fellowship Dinner

On the first Sunday of each month, we enjoy a churchwide potluck style lunch together. This helps to extend our fellowship time with each other. If you are visiting on a potluck Sunday, we encourage you to stay and enjoy food and fellowship with us.