At Rock Valley Bible Church, we want to help one another grow spiritually. One way that we do that is by providing resources and materials for your edification. We use some of these resources in our church life to encourage daily family worship times, and to aid new believers in beginning their spiritual walk with the Lord.

This is a daily plan for reading through the Bible this year. We have encouraged all who attend Rock Valley Bible Church to be reading through the Bible each year according to this schedule. Each reading is approximately the same length.

   Bible Reading Plan

You can print this checklist and place it in your Bible. As you read a chapter in the Bible, you can cross it off, and feel a sense of accomplishment, helping to press you on toward reading the entire Bible this year.

   Bible Reading Checklist

The Jungle Diary was discovered in April, 2001. It tells the story of a missionary family to the Philippines who were there when World War II began. May your heart be enriched as you read of the difficulties this family faced as well as their unwavering trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. A more extensive family history is included at the end of the diary. Paul and Kay Friederichsen and their sons, Doug and Bob were with The Association of Baptists For World Evangelism.

   Friederichsen Jungle Diary

This is a pamphlet which outlines a Bible study technique which the author has used extensively in his personal study of the Bible.

   Block Diagramming Tutorial

Hardly any Christian would deny the profitablity of memorizing Scripture. Yet, many shy away from the practice because they perceive it to be too difficult. Here are some tips for memorizing extended portions scripture, like entire chapters and books.

   Tips For Memorizing