Brian Mulder Elder

Iwas born and raised in southern Wisconsin. I grew up in a strong Christian home with parents who lived out their faith in Christ. We attended a solid Bible believing church and Christ was central to the church. I don't remember a time that I did not believe in God. As a child I expressed personal faith in Christ. I did not realize at the time what a blessing a strong Christian home, but now do and strive to continue to pass on a legacy of faith by God's grace!!!

I attended college at Calvin College and married my high school sweetheart, Jodi. We became very involved in youth ministry at our church and really developed a passion for youth/young adults. Through Gods closing and opening of doors we moved to the greater Rockford area (not our plan) Proverbs 19:21. We have been amazed to look at how God abundantly provided for all of our needs. We have been attending Rock Valley Bible Church since 2007 and been so blessed by this group of believers and what God is doing here.

In the last 12 years God has blessed us with three children. God has used personal relationships, Bible studies, small groups, the faithful preaching of the Word, as well as many other things to grow us in His likeness all pointing us to the centrality of Christ in all things. We remain very passionate about youth ministry. We currently lead the youth group where the aim is for discipleship and mentoring youth to commit their lives to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!

In my spare time I LOVE sports and the outdoors. You will find me outside with my kids, coaching a sports team, or trying to still play sports myself!! I am daily amazed at the great God that we have, how weak we are (Isaiah 40:7-8), and how he still loves us so much (Romans 5:8)!!

RVBC Leadership Team